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Incredible Features

As a member of Project Kairos, you will have access to the best.

Early Information

Exclusive insider information and early links are provided to help our members secure the most sought after releases. We dominate virtually every release from shock drops to SNKRS stashes.

Expert Assistance

Our dedicated team of veteran staff will provide quality assistance at your request. Regardless of your lack experience in reselling, we are capable of guiding you through even the most difficult releases.

Ultra-Fast Monitors

Home of blazing fast monitors by Zephyr, we monitor hundreds of sites including Shopify, Supreme, SNKRS, and more. This allows our members to stay alerted instantly of all important restocks.

Endless Resources

We are partnered with StormeIO, ZenyScripts, PokéMRKT, Styx, and more in addition to the various bot groupbuys we host for our members. Elevate your reselling experience through our network.

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